Evergreen Lawn Care
Our Company "Goes the Extra Mile"


Company Background:

Evergreen Lawn Care was founded in 2005. The owner, Tom Dickens with 10 plus years of experience, decided after working for several companies in Georgia and Tennessee to create his own business and do what he loves best, and that is landscaping and working with nature. It is unlike the business world. There is a closeness with God that he feels. "We at EverGreen treat others the way that we would like to be treated."


Our Mission:

We are a Christian based company with great ethics and values. We help our customers transform their visions of lush gardens, trees, and pathways into the personal oasis they desire; we treat them with honesty and respect, and want to continue a long term relationship. We work with them to achieve their goal of a beautiful landscape and we are cost-effective to the level of services desired. "We treat everyone as if it's all about them!"